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     Every now and then...If we are very lucky...Maybe just once in a lifetime...We come across that one great horse...An individual that embodies everything we dream of in a horse...And we can look at him...And just by looking at him, we know that he is special. That is how I felt when I first saw One Hot Krymsun in October, 2000 and I have not been disappointed yet. Everything about him screamed CHAMPION, how he moved, how he looked, his sweet and gentle mind, and his confident presence. He knew he was a Champion too.

     As it turns out, in the showpen, he proved that he was a Champion. Winning the prestigious Two Year Old Snaffle Bit World Championship (First under 4 judges, 2nd under one) would have been enough to retire him to stud. But he was just getting started. With only two shows under his belt at that point, he had just started his show career. Also we wanted to be sure his talent was never questioned and that he was not labeled a "One Hit Wonder". He went on to compete successfully as a three year old at all the major futurities. Then he topped off his 3 Year Old year with the coveted Congress trophy in the Open 3 YO Pleasure Derby and another World Championship, this time in the Junior Western Pleasure. This back-to-back feat had never been accomplished before since the advent of the Two Year Old WS class.

     In the meantime, mares were being bred for a test foal crop of 18 with frozen semen that had been collected at the end of Jet's 2 Year Old year. This strategy and a few collections along the way enabled us to evaluate his breeding potential and his ability to ship. His potency is without question. His collections have high motility, great morphology, and high concentrations, enabling him to ship to or breed many mares per collection. His first foal crop turned out to be very good, but we will see just how good in the next few years.

~ Becky Bailey     

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